Bless the Lord, O my soul,   
And all that is within me,   
bless His holy name.   
Bless the Lord, O my soul,   
And forget none of His benefits.   
- Psalms 103:1-2   
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The Word Of God

When individuals advance the notion that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is a literal and personal indwelling, one may ask, "Exactly what does the Holy Spirit do?"  One will be met with many responses to that question.  Some may say, "He saves us" or "He helps us to understand" or "He comforts us." 


Some may be surprised to know the Bible does not teach a literal, personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit but simply that he dwells in the Christian as the word of God dwells in the Christian.  Notice the following two passages:  "And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit" (Eph. 5:18).  Now consider that in light of what Paul penned in Colossians 3:16 - "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom...." 


An effective way to answer those who teach a literal, personal indwelling it to show them that for everything they name the Spirit is responsible for doing in the individual, there is a Bible passage which demonstrates such is done by the Word of God. 


For example, consider the following:


The Word of God....

  • < > (Ps. 19:7)< > (Ps. 19:8)< > (Ps. 119:50)

    Gives Understanding (Ps. 119:104)

  • Gives Light (Ps. 119:130)

  • < > (Jo. 12:48)

    Makes Clean (Jo. 15:3)

  • < > (Jo. 17:17)

    Is Truth (Jo. 17:17)

  • < >  (Ac. 2:38)

    Builds Up (Ac. 20:32)

  • < > (Ro. 6:16-18)

    Gives Faith (Ro. 10:17)

  • < > (1 Th. 4:18)

    Makes One Wise (2 Tm. 3:15)

  • Is Profitable (2 Tm. 3:16)

  • Is Quick, Powerful, and Sharp (Heb. 4:12)

  • < > (Ja. 1:22)< > (2 Th. 2:14)< > (1 Pt. 1:22)

    Brings About New Birth (1 Pt. 1:23)

  • Endures Forever (1 Pt. 1:25)


    Thanks be to our great God for His Word which endures forever (1 Pt. 1:25).


    -Donnie Oliver